Fire Rated Ductwork and Fire Dampers

Air and gas ducting are prominent in most building design, and with growing importance being placed on energy efficiency, the need for appropriate duct insulation has become crucial.

There is a threefold benefit from one single application when installing a fire rated duct protection system from Fitz Heavey.

Firstly, the ducts are protected from unavoidable temperature loss (hot and cold) across their length.

Secondly, the encasement offers exceptional acoustic insulation. And finally, the ductwork is protected against attack from fire for up to two hours. This is critical to prevent the spread of fire through the duct system and, potentially, all over the whole building.

Without a damper working properly, a fire can rapidly spread through a structure. By cutting off the passageways for flames to travel, the fire will be contained to one specific location. Consequently, it is imperative to ensure that all dampers are installed and working effectively.

A fire damper causes the damper door to close when it senses the room temperature rising to above normal from the heat of flames.

Fitzpatrick & Heavey Fire Stopping are experts in the installation of a variety
of fire damper solutions.

Fire Rated Ductwork