Structural Steel / Timber

The most vital component in building construction is the structural steel/timber. These are the load-bearing frames that support walls, floor and roofs. Because they are so significant, it is essential that they are effectively protected in the event of a fire, so that the building does not give in to the high temperatures and collapse.

Structural Steel / Timber protects the occupants, allowing them enough time to evacuate the building, the general public who may be close to the building and it also reduces the rebuilding costs of a fire-damaged building.

Fitzpatrick & Heavey Fire Stopping is experienced in both the treatment (sandblasting or scrapping) and painting (by hand or by spraying) the primer and intumescent paint to beams and columns as required by the loading specification. The newest generation of intumescent painting can provide up to 120 minutes of passive structural fire protection.

When exposed to high temperatures, the applied intumescent paint will expand up to fifty times its original thickness, providing a protective insulating layer around the steel.