Gandon House

Lucan, Dublin

Project Description

Repair and upgrade of pitched and flat roof

Gandon House is a 2,700 sq. ft, mixed use development located in the heart of Lucan Village. Internal leaks had appeared in a number of locations, so Fitzpatrick & Heavey carried out a full survey of the roof structure. A pitched roof covered most of the building, while a small, flat roof covered the rear of the property. While inspecting the structure, we identified a number of missing slates, unsecured gutters and several cracks on the flat roof.

Process: All gutters were correctly secured, which eliminated one large external, leak at the front of the property. Next, a number of slates were replaced and damage to the lead flashings on the valley was repaired. We then moved on to the flat roof, where most of the damage was located. All lead flashings were replaced and a heavy, fibre modified, bituminous compound was applied to seal the roof fully and get rid of a significant leak at the rear of the property.

Completion: This project was completed in March 2015.

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